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The History of Denkyiraman Association of UK

The Denkyiraman Association was formed in London as a voluntary association of all Denkyiras, on the 7th of July 1991. The founding members defined Denkyiras as all citizens of Ghana who originate from the Denkyira Traditional Area. The Association is also open to all other Nationalities born, living, married to Denkyira citizens, schooled, worked or have had any form of association with Denkyira citizens and living in the UK and Ireland.

The Association is the brainchild of two remarkable ladies, namely, Mrs Cecilia Darkwa and Mrs Sandra Adjei. They formed the Association with the following as the earliest members: Ms Sarah Brown, Mr G F Amponsem-Boadi, Mr B A Afoakwa, Nana Baafuor Acheampong, Mr Alex Binfor, Mr G T Mensah, Mr Charles Arkorful, Alhaji G Gyima, Mr S K Arhin and Mr Isaac Awurinde. The first meeting was held at the residence of Ms Sarah Brown at 31 Wilmer’s Court, Neasden, London on 7th July 1991. At the meeting Mr G F Amponsem-Boadi was elected as the first chairman and Mr J K Awuah as General Secretary Their main objectives as stipulated in their constitution were as follows:

To strengthen the bond brotherhood among members.

To promote social relationship among members and from time to time arrange social and cultural functions for members and their families.

To offer assistance to members in times of need.

To explore areas where the association could offer financial contribution towards development projects in the Denkyira Traditional Area.

A few years later Mr Amponsem-Boadi left London for Brighton and Mr G K Nipah took over the chairmanship. Late Mr Nipah also went to Ghana on retirement some years later and the current chairman, Mr J Ayeh took over as the chairman.

The Association has since undergone a lot of transformation, which has culminated in the official registration as a charity in February 2011. This has elevated the status of the association – the registration number is 1139990. The Association has now got a website and E-mail address (denkyiraman@gmail.com)

The registered wing of the Association has shifted its focus from benefits to members to streaming all financial resources towards helping the Dunkwa Library and Dunkwa Municipal Hospital.


We trust that this will help to bring “CHARITY” back to life, into our hearts and minds, and be more generous in our efforts to give something back to Denkyiraman Traditional Area.

Of course, like all other organisations, the Association has had to face difficulties in its operations. Apathy on the part of some members, poor time keeping and failure of members to discharge their financial responsibilities are examples of the perennial problems it has been grappling with. However, the Association is resolved to remain active for several years to come.

We need to mention that we have just about 20 active members. But over the years we have been able to offer immense assistance to the Denkyira Traditional area, notably the

donation of beds, a quantity of blankets, disposable syringes and clinic gloves, upper arm high blood pressure monitors, wheel chairs as well as a Patient Trolley to Dunkwa Municipal Hospital. Also we have donated various books, computers and a printer to the Dunkwa Library and Diaso Secondary School.

Apparently, there are over five thousand Denkyira citizens residing in the UK. So if ONLY 35 members have been able to provide these donations then with inputs from the remaining thousands of Denkyira citizens in UK the Association could do a lot, lot more.

So over to you! The door of the Association is still open. All Denkyiras who are sitting on the fence are urged to come along, because “unity is strength” as enshrined in the Association’s Crest!

We meet second Sunday of every month except January from 6 -8 pm Meeting address:
Wickway Community Centre
St. George’s Way
SE15 6PL

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